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We plant one hundred trees a day

Sadly we have to announce that the project is on hold due to the corona crisis. Momentarily all financial ressources are being used to secure our staff’s employment.

Operating as a travel agent for long-distance destinations we are co-responsible for climate change – flights are a growing burden to the ecological balance.

Focusing on a counterbalance of this effect, since September 2019, we plant at least one hundred trees a day. Moreover, we forego parts of our profits and help Eden Projects putting into practice its reforestation efforts in six countries on three continents.

One hundred planted trees each single day is equivalent to the size of four football fields a month, fifty of them every year.

We are aware, that this might not stop the climate crisis, however, it is also a fact that each single day tropical rainforests in the size of about 22.000 football fields are destroyed…

But we are convinced, that each contribution counts.

With our action we also want to encourage other people to participate in worldwide climate protection projects. Global warming is primarily caused by human environmental destruction.

With the full support of their dedicated team of employees, Evelyn and Ulrich Roth face up to their responsibility as
entrepreneurs by launching the initiative

With the two sales brands La-Palma-Travel (holidays on La Palma) and Puravida.Travel (roundtrips in Costa Rica) they have already committed to the implementation of sustainable tourism.

“With the tree-planting campaign 100 arboles we aim to send a signal against climate change“, explains Ulrich Roth.

According to a recent study of the ETH Zurich (Crowther Lab, July 2019) planting a massive number of trees enhances the effect, that up to two third of the carbon dioxide produced by humans is converted into oxygen.

Trees not only purify the air but also the ground water. They provide nutrients to the soils and protect against erosion and inundation. Trees also offer habitats and shelter to animals and increase fertility on agricultural fields. Optimizing the yield when harvesting, on the other hand, prevents from poverty and dependency.

Reforestation by Eden Projects in Asia, Africa and America generates jobs there and protects current tree populations, for example against new climate extremes or fire.

Join in – plant trees!